Day 11: A Dream Meeting With Olivia Munn

Well, I had another dream but this time it was about Olivia. Now what I want you guys to take away from this is that I love Olivia Munn and I think that my actions in my dream will show it. I want to apologize in advance. This would have been a lot better if I had typed this up when I first woke up this morning but I had to go to work so a lot of the details are hazy. I hope I don’t have a good one tonight because I have to get up early again tomorrow.

Well, I’m hanging out with my pals from high school, Katie, Lacy, and Alisha and we’re talking about the upcoming school year (I’m back in high school again. What a surprise) They dropped by my house before school where I was getting ready for the new school year. You know, going through my new wardrobe to see what would be the best thing for me to wear. What would make everybody say, “Hey, Callie’s here!” I decided on a pair of baggy khaki pants, plain white t-shirt, and a tan sport coat? WTF? I mean I have zero fashion sense. Zero. But I can dress myself and make some pretty decent decisions but I have no idea where this outfit came from.

They started rushing me because apparently I was late (I hate being late. I hate it) So, we all slid into my bedroom closet. Our surroundings started to shimmer and quake and then we were at the school. MY CLOSET A PORTAL TO HELL!

A bunch of unremarkable things happened then. I couldn’t tell you what it was because it’s just gone. Before I knew it I was no longer a student but a teacher. All of the teachers were in one classroom talking about students and the upcoming school carnival that was going to be held that night. Low and behold who is sitting across the room from me? Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. They’re teachers here too? That doesn’t seem like a profession Olivia would choose but hell, I’ll go with it.

She was wearing a pair of black scrubs with pink trim and no makeup. A name tag on the pocket of her scrubs read “Kaley Kellum”

Huh? That’s weird. (Oh, I should mention, because I know I’ll be asked, Kevin was wearing his typical Attack of the Show attire. Designer jeans, hip t-shirt, and a black blazer. Britt, you may imagine he was naked)

I looked up at the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, drinking in every freckle. I pointed to the name tag over her breast and said, “So, are you going for alliteration or something?”

She gave a light chuckle and said, “I don’t want everyone to know who I am.”

Makes sense I guess. Who cares what I had to call her I was hanging out with Olivia Munn.

“So, I’m guessing you’re new here, huh?” I asked slightly in awe of the Asian beauty in front of me.

“Yeah, we both are,” she said thumbing at herself and Kevin, “But if Blountstown has their way I’ll be over there.”

“You don’t wanna do that. They all suck over there.” In my head it sounded more like, “NOOOOOO!” I just met Olivia Munn! I can’t lose her this soon!

“Yeah, I’m not gonna. All they see is a pretty new pink chop suey” (Okay, that sounds bad but seriously in my dream that’s what she said and I was so confused. Still am. I mean, what the hell does that mean?)

“Well, that’s not good.”

And then things get a little hazy. I pass through my closet portal again a few times and always in end up in some redneck household. I apologized to them and tried to explain it was my only way home but they were just asses. I even went to K-Mart (the rednecks favorite place) and bought stuff to make drapes for there motor home. Geez, talk about ungrateful.

Okay, now I can get back on track. I was on the baseball field for my high school and Kevin and Olivia were walking around. Kevin was again in just a hipster t-shirt and Olivia was in the black and pink scrubs and again no makeup. She was absolutely gorgeous. Of course in one hand I could see a little pink square. Ha. Even in my dreams she can’t stop texting. Then I noticed something different about her. She was leaning on a cane and Kevin was guiding her around the field. What? What has happened to Olivia?

The more I watched her the more I noticed things. She had a sever limp. She could hardly move. Ever step seemed like she was in absolute agony. The pain was visible on her face and I realized it wasn’t a lack of makeup I was noticing. It was the hurt. I ran up to her with all of the concern in the world and grabbed her other arm.

“Oh my God, Olivia what happened to you?” I looked into her eyes and I could see the glint of the Olivia we all know and love. I immediately started helping Kevin navigate her through the crowd. Before I knew it she wasn’t even touching the ground anymore. We were carrying her.

We carried her all the way to a sidewalk away from the field that was illuminated by a flickering street light. Easing her back to the ground I couldn’t help but look her over from her feet to the top of her head. I don’t quite no how to explain this but I could feel her personality radiating all over me. I placed my hand on her shoulder and asked her again, “Olivia, what happened to you? You’re… you’re hurt.”

She looked at me and smiled and with a slight chuckle she said, “What do you mean, Callie? I’ve always been like this.”

I looked at her again and all I could see was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen…

Okay, now I know that is no where near as juicy and exciting as the last dream and some of you might not like it but that was what happened. I think it really expresses how I see Olivia. I mean, I know I’ve never met her and I probably never will but from everything she’s conveyed to me through Attack of the Show and her blogs she’s just a really awesome and beautiful person. Okay, I guess I’ll just uh… I’ll just be going now. **Runs away in embarrassment**


3 Responses to “Day 11: A Dream Meeting With Olivia Munn”

  1. scottedward Says:

    I would cry if Olivia was like that. : ..( Poor thing.

  2. Another fascinating narrative from Callie’s subconscious. Not as exciting as a zombie attack (or titillating as a make-out session with Missy), but I was still intrigued.

    If I can venture into speculating on (part of) the meaning, I wonder if Dream Olivia’s limp is meant to symbolize some of the childhood pain and difficulty that the real Olivia has alluded to? I even seem to rember her and Kevin talking about it.

  3. Damnnit, my trick didn’t work…u still dreamt about Omunn! At least it wasn’t dirty this time! But did she have to be hurt?!?!?! Why, Callie, Why?!?!?!

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